Student Resources

I’ve put together this page to share some of the resources I’m using on a daily basis, as many of you have requested.

I have found each one of these tremendously helpful in my day-to-day operations. I rarely make recommendations on other companies (as you might guess from my very stark shop), and when I do, I have vetted them and used their product myself.

In addition, I know many of the owners of these companies personally, and they are great people looking to provide great services and products. Their integrity is next level!

Full disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links. I do make a nominal commission, but as explained above, I would be recommending these anyway, and stand by these companies 100%.

That Clean Life

Why I recommend this platform:

  • Over the years I have spent hours upon hours putting together what this platform can do in minutes.
  • Visually pleasing meal plans, with your branding.
  • I know Abigail and her team well, and they are just great people and constantly updating and improving the platform.
  • I believe this platform is essential for any practice including meal plans.

New customers will receive 20% off any monthly plans for four months! 
(Offer expires January 31, 2025)

Learn more about That Clean Life here

Practice Better

Why I recommend this platform:

  • If you use only one practice management platform, this should be the one. I looked into MANY. The founder of this company Nathalie, trained as a nutritionist, so she knows what we need. I’ve actually contacted her multiple times over the last year or so since I’ve been using it, with feedback and suggestions, and she has always made updates and changes to the platform in response. How’s that for service?! (Word on the street is that she’ll be integrating Zoom in soon)
  • It is a full-service online platform for all of your client needs.
  • This has saved me TONS of time with practice management items.
  • They also have an integrated video-chat feature, although I don’t use this.
  • I do use this to run my Functional Reset Program with clients. It’s a great platform for doing online courses and programs.

Check out the Practice Better webinar replay here as they demo their platform and answer questions.

Coupon code: Use code FNC30 at checkout, and get 30% off for 3 months on any paid plan for first-time joiners. Practice Better also offers a 14-day free trial for anyone interested in checking out all of the platform features before committing to a purchase.

Learn more about Practice Better here


Why I recommend this platform:

  • An online supplement dispensary for clients to order their supplements. They carry a number of reputable brands and continue to add new brands and supplements on a monthly basis.
  • You can create personalized supplement recommendations and email them directly to your client.
  • Platforms like this can help your business avoid or reduce carrying a supplement inventory.
  • It’s free to sign up.

Want to get access to 10% off supplements? For Canadian students, click here to sign up and access my dispensary. For US Students, please email Katherine at to gain access to my US Fullscript account.

Learn more about Fullscript here



Why I recommend this platform:

  • This is a “nice to have”.
  • When clients inquire about my services, they are asked to fill out a client inquiry form. This helps us to determine their needs and figure out the best program for them.
  • Although this is a “nice to have” and not essential, it does save us a lot of time on the phone and we can’t live without this resource now.

Learn more about Typeform here


Why I recommend this platform:

  • It’s free for the basic level (that’s all I use)
  • This is what I use for organizing projects and tasks for myself, my clinic team, and when I work on any projects with outside contractors.
  • It takes a little bit of time to learn the power of the platform and to use it appropriately. But once you’re rolling, it’s super helpful.

Learn more about Asana here


Why I recommend this platform:

  • It’s free for the basic level
  • This is what I use for organizing projects with my team
  • I’ve started using it more recently, and really enjoy the format and how you can organize information

Learn more about Notion here

Waking Up App

Why I recommend this App:

  • I have tried vipassana meditation, vedic meditation, deep breathing, guided meditations (from various teachers), yoga, and many more relaxation and meditations over the years, I am currently using Waking Up and love it! I use it daily.
  • The meditations are always 10 minutes, which I find is very easy to maintain.
  • I like how Sam Harris frames his meditations.
  • Included in the App are lessons, that I feel are an essential companion to the meditations (most meditations Apps are missing this).
  • The format is really great for compliance.
  • The price is good (at the discounted price below. I feel that the full price is a bit much).

Discount information: Send them a message, and let them know that “Josh Gitalis mentioned that I can take advantage of the introductory price” ($7.99/month and $59.99/year)

Contact: Harry

Learn more about the App here


Why I recommend this product:

  • EMFs are a big question mark for me, in that, we have absolutely no idea what their long-term effects will be. Therefore, I approach technology with an incredibly watchful eye and try to use it responsibly. Aires seems to have good science backing them up (although to be honest, it’s a bit difficult to understand), and I feel like it’s worse taking a chance that these products might not be doing anything, in the chance that they are helping in some way.
  • I currently use one of their Lifetune devices on my phone, computer, and under my son’s bed.

Learn more about Aires products here (for a 10% discount, use coupon code: gitalis10)


Evexia Diagnostics

We are pleased to announce our recent partnership with Evexia Diagnostics to provide you with access to over 6000 conventional and specialty tests. These include many tests that were difficult for unlicensed practitioners, like nutritionists and health coaches, to gain access to tests like the GI MAP, Dutch, NutrEval, MicroNutrient Test, Lipoprotein Protein Profile, etc.

Register here with our coupon code FNC250 to waive the initial enrolment fee of $250 USD and gain access to numerous functional testing.

You can also check out our webinar replay here with Evexia Diagnostics as they demo their platform and answer students’ questions.

Learn more about Evexia Diagnostics


Get access to testing for Omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamin D, and Methylmalonic Acid (b12 status) more! Use coupon code 2JHWMNABUV to get 5% off all site-wide tests. Tests are available worldwide!

Learn more about OmegaQuant tests

Let’s Get Checked *

A convenient way to test your Vitamin D, thyroid, and more! Use coupon code TNSPVITD to get 20% off all site-wide tests (excluding COVID testing).

Learn more about Let’s Get Checked

*Available in USA and Europe. Discontinued in Canada.


Everylywell offers a wide variety of tests from Food Sensitivity and Cholesterol panels to Thyroid panels, Heavy Metal testing, and Vitamin D. Tests are available for US residents only.

Learn more about Everlywell 

My Favourite Reference Books and Websites

Textbook of Natural Medicine (Pizzorno and Murray)

  • I have been using this as a reference since the beginning. It’s very well-referenced and covers almost all major topics.

Learn more about the Textbook of Natural Medicine here

Nutritional Medicine: Second Edition (Gaby)

  • Another great resource that covers almost all major topics with extensive referencing.
  • Online and physical versions are available. I only use the online version, as it’s searchable, and much more user-friendly.

Discount information: To obtain the student discount at use the coupon code minus 50 (there is a space between minus and 50)

Learn more about Nutritional Medicine here

  • This is a newer resource. I absolutely love this website and use it daily. They’ve got great supplement monographs, articles on various topics, and ebooks.
  • I particularly like their “Level of Evidence” charts, that rate the specific effects, and then link out to specific studies.
  • To access all of their resources, there is a fee.

Learn more about Examine here

Life Extension Health Protocols

  • Free resource outlining the top conditions/diseases

Learn more about Life Extension here

Other Resources

Air Purifier I use in  my home and recommend: JASPR

  • If you don’t have a filter, you are the filter. This air purifier runs 24/7 in our home. It is very quiet and actually shows you if there is particulate in the air with a rating number.

Learn more about JASPR here. For $200 off, use coupon code: CLEANAIR

Organic Matters (Canada and USA)

  • I order all of my bulk food from here. They sell everything at wholesale prices. Their products are less expensive than companies that I actually have wholesale accounts with. I recommend this company to my clients often too.

Learn more about OMFoods here (Canada)

  • There are a few products that I can only find here. Sietes or their organic cassava flour are a couple of examples.

Learn more about NaturaMarket here